Meet webinos at the Mobile World Congress 2013


The webinos team and all the project partner organizations are excited to present brand new live demos at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 27/2-1/3, 2013 showcasing the advancements in webinos development

Get in touch with webinos team members, see working demos and meet webinos representatives to learn about our project, see how you can be involved or simply catch-up.

This year we are really excited to do 46 demo sessions during the conference with the help of our friends at W3C and Mobile Monday Athens booths hosting webinos demos in. Check out for more information on the W3C booth and demo schedule. Thanks W3C and thanks MoMoAth!

See below for full demo schedule and webinos meeting locations in Apps Planet.

Meet us at W3C Booth # 8.1 H49 

and at the Mobile Monday Athens Booth # 8.1 K30

Full MWC’ 13 demo schedule
   W3C Booth 8.1 H49  MoMoAth Booth 8.1 K30
  Monday 25 Feb.
10:30:00  webinos file share  
11:30:00  webinos connected car  
12:00:00  webinos emergency warning  
14:30:00    webinos file share
15:00:00    webinos connected car
15:30:00  webinos connected TV  webinos cross device payment
16:00:00  webinos party player  
16:30:00  webinos cross device payment  webinos party player
  Tuesday 26 Feb.
11:00:00    webinos shopping and NFC
11:30:00  webinos connected car  webinos cross device payment
12:00:00  webinos party player  webinos connected TV
15:00:00  webinos cross device payment  webinos connected car
15:30:00    webinos party player
16:00:00  webinos shopping and NFC  
16:30:00  webinos connected sensors  
17:00:00  webinos connected TV  
  Wednesday 27 Feb.
10:30:00  webinos cross device payment  webinos party player
11:00:00  webinos file share  webinos connected TV
11:30:00  webinos connected car  webinos cross device payment
12:00:00  webinos emergency warning  webinos shopping and NFC
14:00:00     webinos connected sensors
14:30:00  webinos creative notes  webinos emergency warning
15:00:00  webinos connected TV  webinos connected car
15:30:00    webinos file share
16:00:00  webinos shopping and NFC  webinos creative notes
16:30:00  webinos connected sensors  
  Thursday 28 Feb.
10:00:00  webinos file share  
10:30:00  webinos party player  
11:30:00  webinos connected car  webinos creative notes
12:00:00     webinos party player
14:00:00    webinos file share
14:30:00  webinos creative notes  
15:00:00    webinos connected car 

webinos project is not associated with GSMA Ltd or with Mobile World Congress.